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As consumers, we all want our dollars to go father, multiple options at our fingertips, and don’t forget having your items shipped to your door so you never have to leave home.

If we can buy or arrange for everything else from the comfort of home, via our smart phone, tablet, or PC why not funeral services?

Welcome to a new era in cremation care.

The funeral directors and staff of the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley understand now more than ever families need to know that they are getting the best value dollar per dollar. That your loved one is being cared for properly, and most importantly in what perhaps can be the darkest hour in one’s life that an already overwhelming time is not multiplied by the bluster and pressure that can be added by an overzealous funeral home.

Arrangements are made via our interactive platform. So no matter where you are within Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, or the District of Columbia you and your family can arrange for an affordable, dignified cremation without leaving home. All while saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars over traditional funeral homes. We are simply built to better serve cremation families. Traditional funeral homes are not readily equipped to handle cremation services without charging high prices for cremation in order to cover over head for extravagant buildings, expensive motor equipment and large staff requirements.

If you are looking for simplistic and affordable cremation care, look no farther than the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions at 1(877)-939-2876.

Colt M. Black, F.D.
President, Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley

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