Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Please call the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley immediately 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for instructions. Our number is 1-877-939-2876
No, the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley will arrange and provide all transportation. Please call us at 1-877-939-2876 to inform us of your loved ones passing so we can get our staff to your location to assist you.
We certainly can help even if your loved one is already at another funeral home. However any services you or your family requested prior to our involvement must be paid for before we can take custody. Please contact us here at the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley to discuss your situation at 1(877)-939-2976
Depending on the jurisdiction of where your loved one dies and the circumstances surrounding, the time from receipt of the body to cremation can vary. However we advise 7-10 business days to receive cremated remains. We advise all families DO NOT TO PLAN MEMORIAL SERVICES UNTIL YOU HAVE CREMATED REMAINS IN HAND.
Upon being notified that they are ready for pick-up, you can schedule a time to pick up your loved ones cremated remains at our office Monday-Friday between 10AM-4PM. Or if you would prefer you can have your loved one’s cremated remains express mailed to your door step, additional fees will apply.
Depending on jurisdiction and circumstances of your loved ones death this can vary. It also depends on the cooperation of the doctor or other official who completes the medical portion of the death certificate, and then you as the family providing information on the deceased in a timely manner and then conversely approving the information as correct when we forward a proof of the death certificate. Also if the cause and manner is pending investigation by the medical examiner or coroner the death certificate is of little worth for life insurance claims. Some jurisdictions such as Maryland or Pennsylvania will be available usually within 7-10 business days while West Virginia takes 5-6 weeks as these copies are mailed to the Cremation Society office. The District of Columbia, Virginia and Delaware can also take similar timeframes.
It depends on your loved ones financial situation. The more assets they owned the more certificates you need. You will need one for life insurance claims, social security, bank accounts, retirement accounts, pension, 401k, IRA’s, automobile, real estate, and the like.
Yes, the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley is a licensed funeral establishment in Maryland, with licensees and affiliates in surrounding jurisdictions.
Yes we can, please call for details.
The Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley services all of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, District of Columbia and Delaware. We additionally will assist with cremation of any resident of the above states who passes away anywhere in the United States or abroad around the world.
All of our services can be arranged online via our arrangement platform. We also offer in office arrangements for our DELUXE and PREMIUM cremation packages as well.
Your loved one will be tagged with their name on a wrist band or toe tag. This is matched to all paperwork upon receipt at crematory. After ensuring a match they will be assigned a cremation disc number. Following cremation this disc number is recorded on the certificate of cremation and is how all persons are tracked throughout the cremation process. Your loved ones remains will have the disc inside the urn or box with a certificate of cremation attached to the outside of the container.
We accept cash and all major credit cards
Payment is expected at the time of arrangements. No cremation will take place without payment in full.
Only in select cases, please contact us for details.
No, all payment is expected at time of arrangements. Unless prior agreement is made with the funeral director. Cremation will not take place until payment is received in full.
If you don't elect to purchase an urn, your loved ones cremated remains will come back in a temporary box made of plastic or cardboard.
Yes if you are interested in arranging your cremation in advance please reach out to the Cremation Society of Monocacy Valley and speak with one of our funeral directors.
You can bury them in a grave space, entomb in columbarium, scatter somewhere permitted to do so, or retain at home. The choice is yours. If you are looking for advice on what to do with cremated remains ask our funeral director.